Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Missing Book

Today, a mom came up to me and asked if I could look up a book that is listed as lost on her daughter's account. Daughter is probably about seven. She's with her and is quiet. 

I look up the book by item, and it is definitely missing. 

Mom turns to her daughter and says that they'll have to go home and look for the book. Mom is surprised there is a lost book, since she doesn't even remember her daughter checking this book out. I'm about to suggest looking at home too (look under your bed, look in your closet, look inside bags) when her daughter pipes up. 

"I took the book to school for show and tell and I accidentally left it in the library there."

"Last year?" Mom stares her down a little. "You took it to school?"

"Yeah cuz it was show and tell and I wanted to read it for that but I forgot it."

Mom asks her "Why didn't you tell me then?"

Kid is silent, eyes wide. Mom informs her that now she can't check out anything. No books, no DVDs. 

Kid hangs her head and I swear I see tears. I felt so bad for this little girl! 

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