Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Conversations with Children

Two small girls (maybe 6 years old) came over to my desk, asking me to clean a shark toy that "the baby" had chewed on and now "it's dirty."

Easy enough.

As I was wiping down the shark toy, one of them noticed my eyebrow ring.

"Do you have your eyebrow pierced?"


"I didn't know we could do that! Can you pierce your hair?"

No, I don't think so.

"Can you pierce your teeth?"

No, but I know someone who has right above her teeth pierced.

"Ewww that must hurt."


"I would be worried about swallowing it. Like if you have your tongue pierced, you could swallow it."

Yeah, I worry about that sometimes. *sticks tongue out*

Both girls GASPED.

"Wait, can I see it again?"

I stick my tongue out again.

"Can you spin it?"

I move my tongue so the barbell moves.

"Why did you get it pierced?"

Because I wanted to.

"When did you get it pierced?"

When I was 18.

"Oh, how old are you now?"


"OOH, yeah that was a long time ago. What happens if you swallow it?"

Nothing. It's like gum.

"It stays in your tummy for six years?"

No, that's not true.

"Oh, you poop it out?"

Yeah, eventually.

"Like in a day or three?"


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